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41 St John St

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"In Law Apartments  - Floor Plans -- Page 1"

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This In law apartment features an 11' x 24' living room converted from the existing garage, a new 310 square foot addition containing a 9' x 14' full featured kitchen, a 6' x 8' bath with shower, and an 15'x 9'-3" bedroom. This project also has a new 24' x 15' covered deck and stairs which is accessible from the existing home and the new apartment,  and is designed to easily be converted into a screened in porch. This project  was limited in the amount of space that could be added on due to their proximity to a flood zone. Also, for this reason, all new work was built on heavy duty steel and concrete columns. This project was started in December of 1999 and completed early in 2000.

Front Of Existing House