Employment Guidelines


Standards for Conduct


With respect to standards for conduct, it is J.A.F.CARPENTRY LLC philosophy that proper conduct is usually a matter of common sense. Normally our employees desire to perform work activities in an effective and efficient manner. However, with any business organization, there must be some standards for conduct to govern its activities in order to promote a smooth and efficient work atmosphere. Because it is impossible to devise a set of work rules which would meet every conceivable situation, the rules/guidelines listed below are examples of the types of misconduct that will not be tolerated. J.A.F.CARPENTRY LLC reserves the right to apply corrective action including termination for infractions not listed below.


Infractions of the rules enumerated below are extremely serious offenses and are prohibited:


1)      Disorderly conduct, threatened or actual violence or use of obscene or abusive language.

2)    Insubordination to management.

3)    Conducting of non-Company business on the premises and on Company time.

4)    Discrimination or harassment.

5)    Obtaining employment on the basis of having given false information, or falsification of personnel or employee records.

6)    Theft of Company, co-worker, or customer property.

7)    Use of unlawful drugs or alcoholic beverages on Company property or on Company time.

8)    Unauthorized possession of weapons.

9)    Sleeping on the job.

10)  Defacing or destroying Company property.

11)  Routine tardiness.

12)Use of customers kitchen’s or bathrooms. Even if our customer grants permission to use the bathrooms, employee’s should realize this is against company rules. If occasional an employee needs to use a bathroom, he or she must take a trip to the nearest gas station or restaurant to use the facilities. Each employee should deduct the time they are gone from the job site from their time sent working that day.

13)At the end of the day, each employee shall make sure the job site is cleaned up, tools put away properly, and the job site locked up or assure the customer is home. This procedure is called “closing the job”.



Failure to abide by the above standards may result in termination without warning. In addition, employees are expected to:


1)      Respect, and property use, the property of the Company, and respect the property of other employees and customers.

2)    Follow the directions and instructions of supervisors and managers as they relate to the job being performed.

3)    Maintain a businesslike and professional demeanor at all times, in their dealings with other employees, and customers.

4)    Maintain their job performance in at least a "meets requirements" rating.

5)    Be at their job each workday, on time, and complete the required hours.

6)    Avoid disrupting the work of other employees.