week. No checks will be given to any other person except the payee unless prior written permmssion has been given to the Company by the payee. Questions regarding individual paychecks should be directed to the Office Manager.


All required State and Federal Income Taxes and Social Security deductions will be withheld from your gross pay earnings each pay period.




If an employee is late, example 8:05, that employee should conclude he or she is starting at 8:15 that day.  It is possible at the company’s discretion, that if that employee works until 4:35, it would be considered a full day. Best to write the exact time down for starting and stopping.  Same goes for lunch breaks. Best to wrote on your time card the exact amount of time taken for lunch. JAF Carpentry LLC tries to practice 30 minute lunch breaks, but realizes at times it is not always possible to accomplish.