It is important to be reliable and punctual in reporting for work. Absenteeism and tardiness place a burden on other employees and on the Company. If you must take a day off, under the terms of the Vacation Time Policy Or Other leave provided herein, you must give sufficient notice to your immediate supervisor. If it is necessary to take a day off when advance notice has not been provided, you must notify your immediate supervisor directly, at the earliest opportunity. Good attendance and punctuality are valued at J.A.F.CARPENTRY LLC and are a requirement of continued employment.


If an employee's absenteeism and/or tardiness becomes excessive, he or she will be subject to the Corrective Action policy regarding attendance. The following constitutes poor attendance according to the Company's standards:

Tardiness: A tardiness record of three (3) or more times during employment

Absence: An absence record of three (3) or more unscheduled occurrences during a one year period.

A continued poor attendance record or failure to inform your supervisor when absent, will jeopardize your employment. The Company reserves the right to require a physician's note. If you are absent for a period of two (2) days without notifying your supervisor, you will be considered to have resigned your position with no notice and you win be terminated.


Work hours


J.A.F.CARPENTRY LLC hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 4:30 pm. Work hours may vary according to project schedules or other business related factors. Employees are expected to have the  job of the day open at 8am. This means arriving between 5-10 minutes earlier, so you have time to get out of your vehicle, walk to the site, let yourself or start getting out tools or chords or getting ready for work. Employee’s should be WORKING at 8am, not pulling up or walking from their car. Employee’s are expected to work up to 4:30. Leaving 5-10 minutes early is not acceptable. Working hours may change as per customer request, weather conditions, or other reasons deemed necessary by JAF Carpentry LLC. Employees must communicate with the company prior to the start time to ensure plans have not changed from the previous day.


Over-Time pay will be paid for those hours worked in excess of 40 per work week. Over- time must be authorized in advance by the office prior in order to be paid. Over-time will be paid after the 40 hour work week is obtained.


Employee’s are expected to work after hours when needed. This may include working past 4:30 or coming in on a Saturday, or perhaps a Sunday. The company will try to keep hours between Mon-Fri, but sometimes in this business, a roof may be open or water needs to be working. Employee’s side business or interests will not interfere with these days or hours after 8-430 mon-Fri. . Violation of coming in when needed on these special times may result in loss of benefits, loss of work, or termination. Customer’s needs must come first.




All employees will receive payroll checks weekly on a Friday for the work week ending the previous day (Thursday). Time Sheets need to be submitted to the Office Manager by the beginning of business every Thursday after working hours. The Office Manager will review all time sheets prior to submitting them to payroll. Pay checks will be distributed to employees on Friday by end of day.