Injuries and Workers Compensation


All employees are covered by workers' compensation insurance beginning on the first day of work.  Workers' compensation insurance Provides employees and their beneficiaries with certain benefits in the event of a job    related illness, injury or accidental death.


The Company pays the full cost of this insurance. If an employee sustains a job-related injury' he or she must report it to their supervisor immediately.


Leaves of Absences


Employees may be granted a leave of absence without pay by the Company management                 for personal or health -related reasons. Requests will be evaluated on an individual basis and will be granted or denied at management discretion.


Jury Duty


If a employee is notified by a Municipal Superior or Federal court to serve on a jury, the Company will Pay the employee at his or her regular base pay rate minus the amount paid by  the courts,  or  as required by law. When serving on jury duty employees must report for work whenever their presence is not required at court. Employees are required to furnish their supervisor with evidence of each day of jury service in order to be compensated for jury duty. Should the company be involved in a project that cannot do without all employee’s, that employee must inform the courts that I his or her presence is needed. Such cases are for example, a wall, window, or roof that is open. The court system will usually move your jury duty time to a date in the future.


Bereavement Leave


The Company Provides all full-time employees paid time off from work for bereavement due to the death of an immediate family member. Immediate family is defined as an employee's current spouse, child, parent, brother, sister, grandparent, grandchild, legal guardian. Employees should notify their supervisor of the request for bereavement leave as soon as possible after they learn of the death. Bereavement leave will be granted for up to 2 days upon the death of an immediate family member.