Holiday Pay


The Company recognizes the following holidays if they fall on a week day Mon-Fri:


1)      New Year's Day

2)      Memorial Day

3)      Independence Day - Fourth of july

4)      Labor Day

5)      Thanksgiving Day

6)      Christmas Day



Full-time and  Part-time- employees who work their normally scheduled hours before and after        a holiday observed by the Company are eligible for holiday pay. Eligible employees will be paid at their base rate of pay for the hours that they are normally scheduled to work. Employees who are not regularly scheduled to work on Company observed holiday will not be compensated for that holiday.


Non-exempt employees who receive prior approval from the Company management to work on a Company observed holiday will be paid at one and one_half times their regular Pay rate for all hours worked in addition to straight-time for the holiday. Exempt employees who work on a Company recognized holiday will be given an alternative compensatory day off during the calendar year.


Employees must work the day before and after a Company paid holiday in order to receive holiday pay. The exception to this rule is when the employee has received pre-approved schedule time off