The Company offers a vacation plan based on length of service to all full-time employees. Employees are able to manage their time off using their allotted vacation days. Vacation time may also be used for emergencies, religious or other observances. It will be up to each employee to anticipate/determine what his/her personal needs are and to pre-schedule time off, in writing, by completing a Vacation Request. Excessive unscheduled vacation time will reflect poorly in an employee's performance evaluation and win be dealt with through the Company's Corrective Action policy. J.A.F.CARPENTRY LLC vacation policy is as follows:


Full-Time Employees


1 - 4 years of continuous service:                5 days

5 years or more of continuous service:     10 days


Employees may not carry-over unused Vacation time from a previous year. Unused vacation time is not compensated upon separation of employment.


If an employee is costing the company funds by damaging customer property, company property, tools and or materials, that employee will be responsible for such losses to the extent that the employee should expect for the dollar amount of damage to come off of the dollar amount of vacation time, not to exceed vacation time dollar amount, or damage to said properties could result in warnings or termination.