Health and Safety


1)      Maintain good personal hygiene habits (i.e. clean and trimmed nails, clean and combed hair, frequent bathing, daily shaving, etc.)

2)      Use of drugs or alcoholic beverages is strictly prohibited. Reporting to work under, the influence of drugs and/or alcohol may cause "reasonable suspicions drug or alcohol testing and could lead to termination.

3)      Report all accidents to your supervisor immediately. An accident report must be filled out in the business office within 12 hours of injury.

4)      Personal belongings (i.e. coats, wallets etc.) are the sole responsibility of the employee and should be kept in a safe place.

5)      Appropriate footwear should be worn while on job assignments. Open toe shoes are not permitted.


     Solicitations and Distributions


      Solicitation of Company employees or customer is prohibited. Unauthorized sales and    solicitations for any type of product or service to anyone on the Company or customer   premises is not permitted. Distribution of literature, pamphlets and other materials between     employees is prohibited during working hours solicitation from outside sources is not      permitted.




      Employee meetings will be held to communicate Company policies, goals and/or problems         and to air employee issues, answer pertinent questions and to communicate with each other        to improve the working environment. Attendance is required and employees will be   compensated for attendance.