Dress Code


J.A.F.CARPENTRY LLC recognizes that dress is largely a matter of personal taste. Nevertheless, the Company is a business with a proper image to maintain. All employees are expected to exhibit proper attire. All employees who have direct contact with customers are expected to set a standard of professional dress. The Company reserves the right to require an employee to alter their attire if the Company deems it to be inappropriate.


Company shirts will be provided to those employees required to wear them. Employees are expected to wear these shirts while working out in the field.




Smoking is not permitted in any of J.A.F.CARPENTRY LLC facilities or job sites. Smoking is not permitted in Company vehicles. Smoking is also not permitted on customer premises.


Personal Use of Telephones


We ask all of our employees to keep personal telephone calls to emergency issues only. Long distance personal telephone calls are not permitted. In the event an employee must make an emergency long distance telephone call, arrangements should be made to have their home telephone billed. Under no circumstances should personal phone calls be made on customer telephones.


Cellular Phones


The Company may provide cellular telephones to employees who require its use for the purposes of performing their assigned job duties. Use of Company provided cellular phones is restricted to business purposes only. Use of cellular phone for personal use is prohibited unless previously arranged with management.  Overage of minutes and or texting is not permitted and if overage occurs, that employee will be warned  and expected to compensate the company for said over charges.